stonework londonFinding a stone mason in London like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. This is no exaggeration because unfortunately this tends to be a trade that is passed from father to son and is becoming less and less common with every passing year. Fortunately we still have many contacts in the stone repair and replacement trade. We can replace lintels above sash windows, or doors, bay window stone work, stone sills, and decorative stonework on your period London property.

Stone maintenance is extremely important for your property. This process ensures the basis for aesthetics is in place. Without stone work that is structurally good and looking sharp you’ll have issues in the overall finish. Matching new to old stone can be tricky, it takes a sharp eye and years of experience and this is particularly important when considering an extension.

Stone looks beautiful and are an important part of every single sash window in London. Without a quality base to place the sash window there would be no structural strength. Likewise if the lintel is stone rather than a brick arch then the house would simply not be secure without. Having a quality stone mason at hand with experience in understanding loads and strength of the stone selected make the whole process far more comfortable to bear.

The look of new stone can be incredible and we highly recommend that you don’t paint, however in the event that your repairing stone then colour match is always an issue. Our professional team will get very close however the joint is hard to hide, even impossible in some cases for our world class stone mason team. There is an argument for entire stone replacement in this case, or we should consider decorating and careful design to reduce costs and maximise the attraction to your property. This kind of sympathetic and intelligent development leads to improved return on investment as well as improving the overall workflow. We ensure that every time there’s a decision that makes or costs money, we are there to cast a final decision that will maximise returns for our clients. This level of understanding has evolved from countless years working closely with builders and developing property in London. Understanding the market and prospective clients will improve sale prices as well as the speed in which prospective buyers are found.

We work closely with a sash window company and the stone mason to ensure your property looks stunning. Without the link between two trades quality and timescales will invariably suffer. Coordinating two jobs that require each other to be completed in several steps can become difficult without experience, that’s where we make you money on stone restoration services.

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