general buildingOr general building service in London relies upon our key partner PJ Building to carry out all specific works. PJ Builders are a father and son operation that I’ve personally known for more than fifteen years. In that time they have not advertised once, they rely solely on word of mouth and repeat work. Enough said. Our general building service, is timely, honest, and high quality. We oversee the whole building process as part of our fee ensuring only the highest standards of work. The core general building services are listed below.


We can handle extensions from application to finish. WE work closely with engineers and then once plan signed off we will oversee entire projects. Typically we will open up the old house wall, install the support. We will then begin the process of extension with solid footings, The bricks are then laid and this gives us an opportunity to get a roof on and secure the whole build. This is our priority phase, ensuring the property is well protected during the building process. Then we set about finishing. Normally an entire extension will be finished in around 2 to 3 months depending on the requirement and also the spec from client. We can fast track the process for a premium.

Painting & Decorating

Our decorating services ties in with general building. We have one full time decorator who goes around various sites making good all our general building and sash window repairs and double glazing of original sash service.. New windows are generally spray finished so decoration not required. To get an idea of our pricing structure for internal and external decoration feel free to contact us.


We offer comprehensive plastering service from professionals with many years experience. From thistle to skim we make sure the finish is excellent. We can polish the plaster or skim on a budget as is your preference.

Brick Laying

Our brick layers will put down 1000 bricks a day with a couple of labourers. This means your in good hands and we know how to make sure you get the best value for money in general building.


Pouring floors  is a specialist job ensuring accurate and strong base. We have two specialists who oversee this important building work for us, and proves invaluable of entire extensions.


Wooden fencing, brick, or metal we can help and have experience handling external boundaries for many clients.


Roofing is a very important part of general building. Normally you will not check after a roofer has told you that the job is completed. This can cause many issues over time if the roof has not been correctly sealed. We will endeavour to ensure that you property is finished to the highest standards and a five year guarantee can be honoured easily.

General building is tricky, finding an honest and reliable source that just won’t let you down, or come in over budget time and time again is not easy. We have spent a decade building up our partners and invite you to take advantage through us ensuring high quality delivery every time. We were fortunate to come by this father and son team on another project many years ago and have been working closely together since.


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