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When your dealing with sums as significant as property, you need to feel confident and in control of your own destiny and if it’s anything but that, honestly, run for the hills. There’s too many good companies that will work without touching your funds and are quite happy to work towards a mutually beneficial goal, without holding your cheque book.

We work with you as if we are in house staff, whilst placing all property, and finances in your possession. We are not a churn and burn, take your money and run, one stop, website closed and scarpered to sunny Spain merchants. We do things steady but surely with purpose, we take aim and we don’t miss, and we don’t let a lack of preparation or excitement sway a deal without due diligence in place. That’s how you really make money from property, knowing that if something is too good to be true, it could be and never walk away from that gut instinct because greed made you lose control.

The interesting fact that we never have, or had your money but still have 100% commitment to your cause should speak for itself. We leave you in complete charge of the finances. We merely find you properties with potential, see the process through for you and take our fee once the job is complete, wether that be an under market value purchase ready to move in or a complete refurbishment job that we see through from start to finish.

Can you work with level headed businessmen who have a passion for investment and profit, whilst maintaining a gentlemanly code of conduct? If the answers yes please call us, but please know this, we are selective with our clients. We leave you in complete control to make the final calls. If we think you’ll make hasty or rash moves that’ll jeopardise our fee, we simply must be risk avert and walk away, however lucrative the proposition may be for us both. I’m sure you’ll understand considering our clear no win no fee structure.


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