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Just give us a budget and an area, and some specific requirements, we will come back with the most relevant assets in London for you. No one will provide a more accurate & timely service. We can appraise the validity of a purchase, and if in need of repair, the potential equity you might walk away with from refurbishment. The genuine London property hunting service.


Much in the same was as purchase, we perform exactly the same in depth search to find your perfect rental. We can broke and negotiate your moving costs based on location and valuables. We know our market, trust us to look after you locally.


The price of property in London just won’t stop moving. It’s like a train, and anyone believe this was a short for the last few years will be in big trouble. Our belief is the trend isn’t changing anytime soon and with the imminent Brexit looming I feel London will become the red hotspot for access to Europe. If that’s the case we might well be looking at Singapore all over again.

As mentioned in rentals, we know local crews that are well priced and diligent with sensitive possessions. You need a quality service to look after your home. When things go wrong in the home it can leave a real feeling of violation. Rest assured we just won’t let that happen. We’ve done our research for years so you don’t get a nasty surprise.

By far our string point is our close links with fine tradesman. We have carpenters, electricians, sash window specialists, plumbers, gas engineers, and general builders all on speed dial. With years of London Property Services under the belt, we’ve formed solid partnerships which work time and time again.



What about if you’re leaving London? We can help too. Firstly we will get your house on the market and achieve the very best selling price based on your criteria for selling. We will then handle the movement of all home possessions. We can have your home goods packed and stored, moved to another property, or even shipped out of the country. We can also handle any potential taxation issues on your goods at port as well if you’d like.


Let’s face it, when it comes to your home or investment trusting a third party isn’t easily done, that’s why we do all our work upfront and you pay only once we did what we say we will. We can’t provide a more transparent service than that.

Our expertise, passion, and willingness to get a project over the line are the reasons why our clients keep coming back, and keep making great margin on their investments. Better yet, we never touch a penny of client money, you’re in complete control of your investment. We don’t play games, it’s no nonsense integrity with up front honesty.

There’s not a more difficult task than starting out your own property portfolio. Some can go it alone and they can do very well. There’s a simple recipe for success in the property market. Hard work, great ethics, knowing great tradesman, and making sure you closely watch your investment every day, all day. Now for some that’s not possible, but they still want a piece of the London market. That’s where we are second to none.


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