Gardens are rarely the deciding factor when it comes to clinching a deal for your property. However, if you look at your garden from the viewer’s perspective, it can be a great bonus buying a house with some well presented outdoor space.

A nice garden goes some way to helping prospective buyers visualise themselves living happily in your property, enjoying barbeques and outside meals when the weather is nice. It can even be the case that a child may take to your garden and it is surprising how much influence a child can have in buying a property. If a family are looking at a number of properties that they cannot choose between but a child is particularly keen on yours, they may very well go for it.

It is important that your garden area appeals to your target market, as young professionals will have different preferences to families. Families with young children will not be too interested in elaborate planting schemes or ponds, as children are a danger to elaborate planting schemes, and ponds are a danger to children.

The widest audience will be attracted by a low-maintenance garden with paving or gravel, and planted with shrubs and trees. An extremely keen gardener will want to do their own thing anyway so there is no point trying to please them with elaborate herbaceous borders.

Basic maintenance

It is helpful if your garden is in good repair; broken fences, dodgy walls or rotting benches are not aesthetically pleasing and they, in a buyers mind, equate to extra work in what is already going to be a busy, stressful time.

Tidy up

A well groomed garden with trimmed hedges, a mowed lawn, weeded paths and a clean patio will be far more appealing to a potential buyer.

Know your gardens orientation

It is important when you are selling your house that you wax lyrical about anything that could possibly help your sale. A south or west facing garden is a big plus for some people so you should always point it out; conversely you should keep quiet if your garden faces north or east as this is less popular.

Inappropriately placed trees

If a tree is too close to your house you may want to think about removing it, as buyers could be worried about subsidence. You should take advice from a tree surgeon regarding the position of your trees.

Giving your garden a sense of structure

Investing in some evergreen plants and shrubs can be a good idea as they will give your garden structure and they stay green all year round. This is a particularly useful addition if you are selling in winter and most garden centres stock a good choice from September onwards.

The importance of privacy

A private garden space can be achieved almost anywhere and is far more desirable than one where your neighbours are overlooking and can see your every move. Privacy is achievable via a combination of fencing and some strategic evergreen planting. Dense planting of unattractive conifer hedging should be avoided though, as it needs frequent trimming and sometimes leads to disputes with neighbours.

Garden sheds

A decent garden shed can be bought reasonably cheaply from DIY stores and garden centres and can be an attractive and practical addition to your outdoor space, consider painting or varnishing it for a more unique effect; floral decorations can have a similar affect.

Clear the exterior walls

Certain well supported, non-clinging, climbing plants on trellis or climbing wires, such as climbing roses and wisteria, will appeal to buyers. Other climbers such as ivy can be destructive, untidy and unpleasant on the eye so should be removed, any problem areas that are uncovered should then be repaired.

Patios, roof terraces, small gardens and outside eating areas

Some sort of outdoor space will add value to a property, especially in the city where properties with gardens will sell at a premium, therefore you should take advantage of any outdoor space and it should be made the most of. In small gardens you should avoid using grass as it is difficult to maintain and there is rarely space to store a lawn mower. Paving and gravel are better solutions and are not overly expensive.

Restrict the number of plants in a small space, presenting them fashionably in some good quality terracotta pots or an appropriate equivalent. Finally, if there is room for a table and chairs they will be a valuable addition to any garden as they will help conjure up images in the viewer’s mind of themselves enjoying a meal or a glass of wine in your outdoor space.

Garden lighting

A well lit garden can give the viewer the illusion of an extra room if they come for an evening viewing. Fairy lights and spotlights can be effective in highlighting your gardens nicer spots and they are reasonably cheap and easy to install. You can alternatively place candles in decorative lanterns to add atmosphere.

Aim for a spring/summer sale

If your garden is beautiful and something you believe to be impressive, it is worth waiting until it is in its prime, which is spring/summer for most gardens, before placing it on the market.

Just like any other aspect of your house your garden should not be ignored. A bit of hard work, often with minimal costs, can often lead to a much more appealing property and an increased chance of receiving a bid in the region of your asking price.


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