Newly Built Homes

Opinions are divided amongst home buyers when it comes to purchasing a newly built home. There is no denying though, however much it may not suit your taste, that buying new has its advantages.

This guide aims to highlight those advantages, and of course the disadvantages, for anybody who may be interested in the purchase of a newly built property.

Let’s start by looking at the advantages:

The financial bonus

There are a few things to consider in terms of the financial advantages of purchasing a new build.

Firstly, there will be no bidding war and no greedy owners trying to drip you of every penny that you have, so you will not pay over the odds for your property.

Secondly, the property you purchase will not need any work done; there will not be a leaky old roof or an insecure back door to be fixed on your arrival. This can save you a couple of thousand pounds as around a third of second hand buyers spend £2,500 on repairs when they move into their ‘new’ home.

Finally, the house will be fully equipped with new windows and good insulation saving you what can amount to a great deal on your bills. This also, of course, means a more environmentally friendly, less wasteful property.

A blank canvas

Brand new properties can be decorated exactly how you want them to be decorated. There is no need to scrape horrible, cheap, offensive paint off of walls that are an amalgamation of uneven plaster, picture hooks, dodgy shelving and nail holes.

All those important decisions – which can be a real pain to alter in an old house – such as kitchen style or flooring, are yours from the off. Not having to put up with audacious features that are not to your taste is a luxury provided by a new build.


Newly built homes tend to be much more secure than older properties. The installation of smoke alarms, fire doors, and fire retardant materials as standard means that new builds are particularly well equipped in the event of a fire.

The architectural design will also ensure the greatest possible chance of escaping in the event of a fire so as to comply with current UK law safety standards.

The heightened level of security does not stop at fire safety though as more secure windows and doors are coupled with security locks, burglar alarms and security lights which will also be included by most builders as a part of your standard specification.

Added extras

Builders of new homes are often open to some bargaining over the inclusion of extra incentives to lure you into a sale.

These extras often come in the shape of the inclusion of such things as flooring, carpets, curtains, or tiling for your bathroom and kitchen. You may also be able to haggle for included white goods (fridges, dishwashers, etc) for your kitchen and even the inclusion of landscaping for your garden.

Bonuses can also come in the shape of financial incentives such as your stamp duty being paid for you or cashback once you have moved in.

These things are not only financially helpful but they also mean fewer things to worry about in what is already a very busy and stressful time.

So always ask before you agree a price, you might get lucky!

The lack of a property chain

Property chains can be a real cause of stress and complications when you are trying to move house.

Not having to worry about anybody else’s deals falling through along a chain, and therefore not having to worry about any disruptions that are out of your hands is another great thing about buying new.

Once the moving in date has been agreed, there is very little to stand in the way!


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