Greenfell Tower

Residents are beside themselves with anger and want the chair of the public inquiry to bring those responsible for the tragic fire to justice and no one is happy with the reasoning that he has no power to prosecute anyone. There was a meeting held at Notting Hill Methodist Church, where locals went to let it be known they are extremely dissatisfied with those involved in the upkeep and maintenance of Grenfell Tower. There appeared to be members of public angry at each other as well, and signs of tension all round.

Here’s what we know so far:

58 people have lost their lives at Grenfell Tower according to bbc, and it could rise to as high as 70.

– It’s expected that every household that have no lost their place to stay will receive a £5,500 payment to presumably help themselves to house themselves, or pay for temporary accommodation, whilst they can find a new home.

– The London mayor has commented that this was a “Preventable accident” and no one government is to blame alone. The problem spreads back many years, again this is according to the BBC.

– Relief effort is now underway and many government work force are in place trying to help the situation.

– Nicholas Paget-Brown suggests nobody could have coped with this tragedy.

– The home office is making arrangements for family of Mohammed Alhajali to fly from the UK to Syria.

This tragedy should not occur in our modern technological time. The most distressing for me in this whole saga is the way innocent people were filmed just before death in their struggle for survival. It’s a real tragedy that I hope London never sees again. Our thoughts are with families and friends of those lost.


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