double glaze existing sash windows

Asserta has signed a new deal on double glazing original sash windows with London Sash Window Repairs Ltd. They have long been our go to company for sash window repairs and sash window double glazing and last week due to our significant need for improved turnaround times, we came to an agreement that secured promptness, as well as a considerably discounted rates in which we can now operate with tighter margins.

Speaking to our Managing Director Peter Seddon “Our whole refurbishment programme will benefit from the improved relationship. We’ve given them guaranteed work for a reduced lead time and preferential pricing”. The pricing discount is in the region of 15% better than their original price lists which are trade already.

The double glazing of original sash windows is extremely important for us. Prior to knowing London Sash Window Repairs Ltd, we would entirely replace sash windows at around £2000 a pop. On the bigger properties with 25 windows we do that’s considerable outlay. Quick calculations now show with double glazing existing sash windows we can save in the region of £30,000 a property. This is money we can reduce off resale prices to make us more competitive, or put in place for contingency if other aspects of the project come in over budget. Asserta is extremely pleased to make this partnership official in light of the continual drive to double glaze.

You can learn more about the Asserta – London Sash Window Repairs Ltd double glazing agreement here. The process for double glazing is quite straight forward. The guys route our the sash deeper to hold a double glazed unit, they install the unit and finished neatly with an external beading. Because they route into fresh timber, and we have excellent decorators, windows nearly look new from a distance of 5 metres away! You can learn more about the double glazing original sash window process here. The sash window refurbishment process has long been an important part of all our London building activity, having London Sash Window Repairs Ltd as a close partner has significantly improved our efficiency and profitability, and we are glad to give a little back to the guys who are doing honest business. The double glazing system used can be found here. Basically two panes of glass are laminated together with an air gap to improve the efficiency of your sash windows. The cavity and a gas such as Krypton stop heat transfer as well as improve sound proofing considerably. All London homes that have double glazing are far better off for it with a higher standard of living. Increased security, lower energy bills, and a comfort knowing your sash windows are that much more efficient.


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